Lyrics: „How do u feel“

Kids from the east make your products for bad pay
And you know they have no choice_, they’re forced to stay
Toxic materials damage people’s health
But the practise pays off as long as you gain wealth

So another brand tells us what we need
But not the stories of those who had to bleed
Their advertisments just_ tell a lie
While we lead lives of luxury the others die

I could not eat, I could not sleep
Tell me how you feel and turned into that creep

How do u feel?

Massive companies_ manipulate provisions & laws
Paid-off politicians_ stand up for their applause
Dark lawyers_ are the soldiers of your war
Bend the enemy over_ and make him your new whore

Tell me how would you feel if the tables were turned
tell me how would you feel if you bled for what you earned
Bled for what you (just) earned

Lyrics „How do u feel“ (Album: „product: life“ by somephoenics)

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