Our brandnew album „product: life“ with 10 tracks was released in 2017.

product: life
somephoenics - product: life
1.Scream 04:03

2.Prophet 03:48

3.How do you feel 04:04

4.Uncage Yourself 03:51

5.Prevent The Game 03:59

6.Everything's Alright 04:12

7.No weak at the mercy of might 02:28

8.Alles 03:53

9.Bigger Better Faster Louder 04:28

10.Lost 03:33

11.Scream (piano version) 04:13

12.Scream (classical version) 03:56

13.In A World (album trailer) 01:51

Our debut album „borderline“ with 10 tracks was released in 2008.

Emanuel Grand - Borderline
"Borderline" is the debut album from somephoenics with 10 alternative rock tracks. Released in 2008:
Vocals: Emanuel Grand
Music: Emanuel Grand
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 2008
Intro, Nothing to Regret, Control, You, Nothing Else Has Changed, Hate, Who Are You, Der Erste Schritt, Fight [Explicit], Turn the Time Back (Bonus Track)