Our brandnew album „Punk Meets 60s“ with 11 tracks was released in 2018.

Punk Meets 60s
somephoenics - Punk Meets 60s
We mixed american punk rock from the 90s with the lovely elements from the 60s.
  1. Surfin' Away
  2. The Thing You Call Love
  3. What About You
  4. My Icecream Girl


Our second album „product: life“ with 10 tracks was released in 2017.

product: life
somephoenics - product: life
1.Scream 04:03

2.Prophet 03:48

3.How do you feel 04:04

4.Uncage Yourself 03:51

5.Prevent The Game 03:59

6.Everything's Alright 04:12

7.No weak at the mercy of might 02:28

8.Alles 03:53

9.Bigger Better Faster Louder 04:28

10.Lost 03:33

11.Scream (piano version) 04:13

12.Scream (classical version) 03:56

13.In A World (album trailer) 01:51


Our debut album „borderline“ with 10 tracks was released in 2008.

Emanuel Grand - Borderline
"Borderline" is the debut album from somephoenics with 10 alternative rock tracks. Released in 2008:
Vocals: Emanuel Grand
Music: Emanuel Grand
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 2008
Intro, Nothing to Regret, Control, You, Nothing Else Has Changed, Hate, Who Are You, Der Erste Schritt, Fight [Explicit], Turn the Time Back (Bonus Track)