Lyrics: „Icecream Girl“

Verse #1
When it’s summer time and I’ve got a dime,
I crave a sweet parfait from the beach café
I know a girl who works there – she’s the cutest – I’ve ever seen!

You’ve got the sweetest ice cream in the whole wide world,
I wanna come and try every sort!
With your perfect smile you’re gonna melt my heart,
I could never bear to be apart from you_

Verse #2
When my work is done and my boss has gone,
nothing holds me back, my bike is right on track,
no detour, straight ahead, I – don’t wanna miss – a chance with you!

Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla,
I’m gonna be your dream’s fulfiller!
Banana, lemon, blueberry,
You’re the one I wanna marry – Yeeeeeah!

Lyrics „Icecream Girl“ (Special-EP-Album: „Punk Meets 60s“ by somephoenics)

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