Lyrics: „No weak at the mercy of might“

Your country has 4 different seasons (you should accept)
You’re angry whether it’s cold or hot
You find more than a thousand reasons (to bitch around)
Let me explain what you got:

No war, no hate, no fight,
no weak at the mercy of might
No greed, no force,
Oppression ain’t a matter of course
No wealth, no waste
no rich man’s boot on your face

Your girlfriend cheated on you again (you should accept)
You’re sad with her and also alone
That’s how relationships work in life (you better know)
love was a bomb which was blown

You spin disappointments into shame
ignore your blessings, tout your pain
With worries carved into your face
which are not real, just your disgrace


Lyrics „No weak at the mercy of might“ (Album: „product: life“ by somephoenics)

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