Lyrics: „Prophet“

Verse 1
I’ve had it up to here, no you listen my friend
I warned you more than once, this road could have an end

Manipulation yeah takes time to understand
I guess this isn’t what _ you would have planned

That’s enough
I’ve had enough of your blackened lies

If you’re a prophet
Then practice what you preach
I’ve found another way to stay outside your reach

If you’re a prophet
Then where’d the people go?
They saw your colours true, you thought they’d never know

Verse 2
So as you sit and stare at what you could’ve won
The scriptures in your head were mine all along

The faith I showed in you was one naive mistake
It’s time we went our separate ways before I break.


Lyrics „Prophet“ (Album: „product: life“ by somephoenics)

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