Lyrics „Scream“

Verse #1
I can see it in your eyes
How pathetic your hope dies
They keep you under in every way
Your anger rises day by day

And you don’t know how to resist
You hope and pray they would desist
You wanna scream like a freak
But there’s no breath, ‚cause you’re too weak

Scream if you wanna scream
Dream if you wanna dream
Scream if you can’t stand it anymore
(You have to)

Verse #2
You try to push your rage away
Pretend you don’t care what they say
Repressing feelings makes you sick
Your hope decays week by week

Bridge 1
If only I could bear the pain
Live free from their distain
Will any part of me remain?

Bridge 2
You wanna scream
– when the end is near
– ‘cause you filled with fear
– cause there’s no way out of here


Lyrics „Scream“ (Album: „product: life“ by somephoenics)

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