Lyrics: „The Thing You Call Love“

Verse #1
With women there’s always the same old mistranslation,
Girls take it seriously, for boys it’s just flirtation

Holding hands and laughing, that’s all you’re looking for,
Kisses are too little, the boys always want more.

We wanna believe in the thing that you call love,
I do what I can, but I’m still just a man
We wanna believe in the thing that you call love
We’re craving the same but we can’t escape the game

We all remember this,
when we had our first real kiss,
I guess that this was the thing you call love

Verse #2
Boys try with all their might to get a girl’s attention,
they tease them all the time, they even risk detention.

Boys will land in girls hearts, there’s always place for two
But when they achieve that, they want their freedom, too

Diff’rence is the key
of our world’s philosophy,
I seemed to know this from the start!
Romance is an art,
it may result in a broken heart
but it still seems worth its while!
Do you know what love is?
– Boys‘ big fear and girls‘ bliss!

Lyrics „The Thing You Call Love“ (Special-EP-Album: „Punk Meets 60s“ by somephoenics)

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