Lyrics: „Uncage yourself“

How could it be, how could we not see
Ruled by the 1 percent who won’t let us break free
Uncage yourself

Verse 1
I, I can see your story
Behind your smile, you worry
You wanna shout out and scream

And I, I can’t stand it no more
We’re puppets told to strive for
Bullshit we don’t need

In fact we’re all craving _just for love

Verse 2
How, how can you condone this?
They fuck you but they won’t kiss
You wanna shout out and scream
And how, how easy you got sold.
You’ve been watched and controlled
… a life you didn’t choose

Bridge (spoken):
They said you were the chosen one but the only choice is theirs


Lyrics „Uncage yourself“ (Album: „product: life“ by somephoenics)

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