Lyrics: „What About You“

Verse #1
Friday’s last bell rings
I rev the engine of my eager heart
Here’s to the start of a new weekend
Tonight will be the night
Now I’m glancing in the gleaming chrome,
A quick comb, ready to pin you.

What about you?
What about the feelings we both share?
What about the dreams we could dare
To li-i-ive?

What about you?
What about the feelings?
What about the dreams
To li-i-ive?

Verse #2
In the soda shop
I’m the biggest jerk, I see you there
The malt you share with him, it’s just not fair!
That milkshake shakes my world
And I’m falling from my fine cloud nine
To lose what’s mine to his jacket and his hair

Guess you know my love will never fade
Is there any chance or is it just too late?

Lyrics „What About You“ (Special-EP-Album: „Punk Meets 60s“ by somephoenics)

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