Ghostface from Scream

„Scream“ – the recordings

We started in January 2015 with the first song the recording of the album „product: life“. We took the song „Scream“ because it’s a classical alternative rock song and we thought this song is a cool transition to the „Borderline“ album. 

About the music:

I really love the song „Scream“ and I replaced a long time ago the melody in the chorus to a catchy and positive hookline. It’s that kind of „flying“ and „dreamily“ melody.

I would say the song sounds a little bit like Foo Fighters with the influences of Nirvana. Yes, the 90ies impressed me a lot! 🙂 You also can hear that we used a standard E-tuning on guitar & bass, that’s why the main riff has that classical style.

About the lyrics:

Sometimes life fu**s you and you’re down, you have no hope and no power to change it. Then you just wanna scream. I sing about a young boy who gets mobbed and attacked by other people. But he still has the wish of a better life and still has dreams he wants to reach. Never give up, even when life goes down. Better times will come.

„Scream if you wanna scream, dream if you wanna dream, scream if you can’t stand it anymore“

About the recordings:

We still use Cubase as sequenzer and programmed the drums and the bass with MIDI. Ezdrummer is a cool drum software with great sounds and a supporting composer.
The bass sound comes from „Trillian“ and I think this sounds awesome!
I still record all songs with my Framus Panthera Pro guitar and use „Line 6 Pod Farm Platinum 2.5“ for amp modeling. I created a 90ies distortion with medium gain.

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