concert review „60s rock night“ (2018 Dec, 8th)

On Saturday the 8th of December we played our first gig with the new songs from the special album „Punk Meets 60s„. We had planned that the whole night should be a 60s / 70s rock night, so we invited „Psychedelicate“ as our support band.

The last time we had a gig together was in 2005 – so we were really excited that our friends from Psychedelicate joined our event. After they rocked the room we started our 60s show at around 10 pm.

It was really funny and it had something special that we played 60s songs in a 60s outfit with a hollowbody guitar like in the 60s. We usually play Alternative Rock and never did  a show like that. But we liked it and maybe we will do it again!

Thanks to the audience who sang with us „Surfin‘ Away“, „Ice cream girl“, „The Thing You Call Love“ and „What About You“. We really enjoyed playin‘ them live for the first time. And we also played some classic Somephoenics songs in the end of our show: „You“, „Everything’s alright“ and „Scream“.

Thanks to all who shared this great moment with us!

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