New album „product: life“ OUT NOW!

Unbelievable! After 9 years somephoenics brings out the second album with all the songs you already know from the concerts but also brandnew songs which were never played live before.


1.Scream 04:03
2.Prophet 03:48
3.How do you feel 04:04
4.Uncage Yourself 03:51
5.Prevent The Game 03:59
6.Everything’s Alright 04:12
7.No weak at the mercy of might 02:28
8.Alles 03:53
9.Bigger Better Faster Louder 04:28
10.Lost 03:33
11.Scream (piano version) 04:13
12.Scream (classical version) 03:56
13.In A World (album trailer) 01:51

Here’s the trailer – take 2 minutes and enjoy! 😉

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