somephoenics some phonics some phoenix some phonix

Some phoenics, Some phoenix, some phonics or some phonix Somphoenics?

Somephoenics was founded in 2005 and we always get asked what is the meaning of our bandname. So we thought let’s write a short blog article about our name.

We know that name isn’t very easy and a main problem is the spelling and writing of it. Here are some examples how people sometimes write our bandname:

  • some phoenics (nearly right put we prefer it as 1 word)
  • somephonics or some phonics (would be also very nice)
  • somephoenix or some phoenix
  • somephonix or some phonix
  • somphoenics

However our bandname was inspired by the greek mythology where the phoenix was reborn and arised from the ashes. We thought it’s a cool metaphor when we founded the band 2005. Especially founder and frontman Emanuel wanted a new start where he could make better music than ever before.

And also the greek word „phōnē“ or phonetics stands for sounds – so it also means „some noises“ or „some sounds“.

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