Surfin Away Single CD Cover

New Single „Surfin‘ Away“ (Oldie-Punkrock)

Listen to our new single on every streaming platform! We mixed American Punkrock from the 90s with some lovely elements from the 60s and call this genre now „Oldie Punkrock“. It’s really funny! 
We hope that you feel like being on vacation on the beach in 1960 while listening to „Surfin‘ Away„! When we wrote the lyrics we want to create that mood, when you’re on vacation with your girlfriend and you forget everything around – just you and your baby on your surf board…

In the middle 8 of the song beginning at 2:20 min we hope you can feel the Hawaiin spirit with the Ukulele. Enjoy the first release from our upcoming new special album „Punk Meets 60s“.

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