Somephoenics Rockband live concert on stage open air

Noisy Sunfest Festival (Open Air)

After a very long time Somephoenics will play an open air concert on a festival. The Noisy Sunfest Festival starts on Saturday August 10th, 2019, 5 pm. Somephoenics will play at 9 pm on the main stage.

Line Up Noisy Sunfest Festival

Headliner at ~10:30 pm on this festival will be „Noisy Sunset“ – a cool Austrian Reggae band with german lyrics. Co-Headliner at ~9 pm is Somephoenics with Alternative Rock Songs and their special 60s-Punkrock songs.

  • 17:00 – 18:30 Musikverein
  • 18:45 – 19:15 DAV
  • 19:45 – 20:30 Havenel
  • 21:00 – 22:00 Somephoenics
  • 22:30 – 00:00 Noisy Sunset

VVK: €12,- AK: € 14,-

Official Website Noisy Sunfest Festival


Somephoenics Setlist

This time Somephoenics will play their 60s Setlist with the songs from the „Punk Meets 60s“ album and also again some 60s cover songs. In the end Somephoenics will also play their classical rock songs like „Scream“, or „Everything’s Alright“.
CU on the festival.

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