Somephoenics Unplugged

Somephoenics Unplugged

After nearly 15 years we will play our rock songs for the very first time unplugged! Come to our first „Somephoenics Unplugged“ gig on Sunday, June 30th, 2019 – 6 pm at the „Addicted to rock bar“ hosted by radio 88,6. No fees!

Unplugged like the big ones 🙂

Nirvana did it. Oasis did it. Pearl Jam and so many others did it. Now we’re also ready to present our best rock songs unplugged with an acoustic guitar, an contrabass, a violine, a piano and a cajon. Our songs never sounded so soft before. 😉

Re-composing the songs

It was a lot of work to re-compose all these songs but it was totally worth it. We hope you will enjoy it. We really like the sound of acoustic instruments and there are some arrangements which really give our songs a new face.

Radiostations and rock music

We also wanna say thank you to the Austrian radiostation „88,6“ for that possibility to play on their „Unplugged Sunday“. They also will play our last single „The Thing You Call Love“ on air! That’s really great, because no other Austrian radiostation plays rock music on air. That’s really sad…

We don’t wanna spoiler it, but actually Emanuels favourite unplugged songs are „Prophet“ and „Uncage Yourself“.

See you at the show!


Sunday, June 30th, 2019, 06:00 pm


„Addicted to rock bar“
Stadtbahnbögen 186-188 (U6 Nußdorferstraße)
1190 Vienna

How much?

No fee!

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